Vehicle mileage and Fuel consumption recording made smart!
What is Journey? …a Vehicle mileage and Fuel consumption recording system that include features such as vehicle Service due indicators,Vehicle License renewal reminders and a lot more…

The Journey Logbook and Fuel Record system is an “on Device” vehicle logbook that provides a mileage and fuel consumption recording and reporting system free of charge.Be assured that you will always have your Vehicle information right at your fingertips.

Journey consists of the following:
• Tax compliant mileage logging & reporting system
• Fuel consumption calculator
• User defined Vehicle service reminder
• Annual Vehicle license renewal reminder
• Registered Users can load up to 5 vehicles
• Registered Users can share vehicles
• Supports the usage of trailers

Journey’s intelligent offline functionality means that even if connectivity is poor or lost, records can be saved and pushed back to the cloud, when connectivity is re-established.

When Users register an account their data will sync to the cloud for easy access and secure storage

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