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What is Staple?

...a feature rich Workshop Management System designed to increase workflow efficiency… Workshop management made easy!

The Staple Workshop Management System (WMS) is a Cloud Based solution, meaning that capital outlay on hardware is not required in order to deploy and utilize the system. Although hardware is not required the system can be setup and deployed at the Customer premises (locally not cloud based) if a customer requires a local Server Based installation.

Staple consists of a browser based Graphical User Interface (GUI) or Front-End where Job cards are opened and issued to Technicians and a mobile application used by Technicians to complete and close the issued Job cards.
Staple will require internet access i.e. the system is Cloud Based and requires a connection to communicate to the customer’s data residing in the Cloud. In the event of a localized Server Based installation a Local Area Network (LAN) should be available for system communication. Internet access will also be required on this installation if the system is to be used by off-site staff.

Staple’s intelligent offline functionality means even if connectivity is poor or lost Job cards can be retrieved at one part of the day and pushed back to the server during different part of the day when connectivity is again available.

Staple offers an editable work flow, default Job card templates and standard system reporting. System customization is available should a Customer require this service.

System Components

assignment Job Cards

Replace your traditional paper-based Job card system with a paperless online system. Job cards are created electronically and assigned to the Workshop internal within the system. The Technicians receive the issued Job cards on Mobile Devices using the Staple Application available via the App stores.

If hardware or products are supplied when providing services, these products can also be added to the Job card. The Technician receiving the Job card will have a full breakdown of hardware or products required to complete the assigned work. The complete process flow from inception to completion is handled and controlled by Staple.

web Browser-based Control Panel

Easily control the “Work-in-Progress” in your business utilizing the workflow management provided by Staple's User friendly browser based interface.

drive_eta Vehicle Log Books

Intelligent management of your company vehicles using the Staple Vehicle Log Book System. Track all details about every vehicle in your fleet electronically. Control vehicle bookings to drivers, measure fuel consumption and record damage via enforced inspections on your vehicles

get_app Supporting App

Staple has a fully supported Mobile App which works on most commercial Smart Phones and Tablet devices.
Should things change “in the field” and the Technician onsite need to make changes to the job at hand, they can request the changes directly via the App. The person on site can also add photos to the job card whilst onsite by using functionality included in the system.