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TEMS™ MobileInsight is a software solution that collects key performance indicators (KPIs) from participating subscribers' mobile phones and provides the subscribers with a direct feedback mechanism. This data, captured by the special software agent installed on off-the-shelf subscriber phones, is then populated into a central management tool that is used for managing the agent and reporting results.

A user friendly browser-based system manager allows the operator can assess and analyze the collected data in order to preemptively protect the customer relationship. TEMS MobileInsight runs in the background with negligible impact on the subscriber's daily related activities.

The TEMS MobileInsight subscriber management toolset includes an Invitation Editor. The Editor is used to send out invitations (either by SMS or email) asking the subscriber to install the application on the mobile device.
Summary of Features
  • Multi-Technology Support

    Full support for 2G, 3G, CDMA, and LTE is built in to the TEMS MobileInsight solution to ensure the tool is forward compatible. The solution is also vendor equipment agnostic, benefitting operators that do not want to be tied to a specific vendor or use specialized network equipment.

  • Wide Range of Supported Devices

    TEMS MobileInsight offers support for most mainstream smartphone types including iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Symbian and Windows Mobile devices.

  • Passive Monitoring

    Key metrics are collected in the background without any subscriber interference. The passive monitoring has been optimized for minimal battery consumption and minimal data overhead. All functionality that is required to enable the QoS and optimization testing is internal to the device and removes the need for drive test vehicles and personnel to gather data. The collected data is a true reflection of the end-user experience and network performance.

  • Customizable Reporting & Analysis

    As data is collected, it is pre-processed on the subscribers' device and sent back to ASCOM servers, where it is analyzed and presented on a secure Web interface within seconds. A display of all the data captured is immediately available online, and is presented in a variety of formats.

  • Customer Compliant Portal

    TEMS MobileInsight allows users to file customer complaints directly from the application. The complaint types can be customized from the backend and controlled. The complaints feature can be integrated in to an operator's already existing customer care system.

  • Data Security & Secure Web-Based Interface

    All communications and collected data are encrypted to ensure security, while back-end processing is protected through firewalls and authentication. The tool GUI is Web-based, allowing operators to monitor network performance 24/7 from any Internet enabled PC or laptop. Full security is utilized to control what level of access each user is permitted.

  • Simple Network Integration

    TEMS MobileInsight requires only a single interface into the network, drastically simplifying deployment and reducing costs compared with competing products.

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